Dreamhaven Ranch is much more than a place to ride horses. Our classes include all aspects of horsemanship, and we are about building relationships with those that partner with us. We also strive to show and share the love of Jesus with everyone we meet. We offer different types of mentorship, leadership programs which develop students character and faith, as well as outreach activities to give
back to our community.

 One on One Mentoring

One on one sessions are designed for individuals that are unable to participate in our group sessions. We offer a Ranch tour meeting to discover the best Dreamhaven program for each person. Each individual session is designed to be flexible using a wide variety of fun and creative methods that are woven through the session. Our individual mentoring program mainly serves the broken but we see benefit in healthy kids riding and playing with hurting kids and it is our desire to integrate them into our group activities when possible.

Friendship Groups

In this group we pair 1-2 ranch leaders (and an adult leader) & children with special needs who would benefit from additional social interaction with their peers. They do various activities together such as riding, farm chores, playing games, group work and occasionally taking kids on outings into the community. It allows them to be in a safe space learning about friendships and how they work.  They meet together for 8 weeks. This has been highly successful with our two pilot groups this year.

Ranch  Hands

Our leadership development program for children ages 12-14. This program allows kids to learn more in depth for what caring for horses looks like through helping out with pens, grooming and needed chores as well as growing their confidence & riding abilities.Activites for Ranch Hands include helping around the ranch, biblical teaching about stewardship and leadership, team building opportunities and special events and ride nights.

Ranch Leaders

Our leadership development program for kids 14-18. This program focuses on leaders bring able to love on the kids that come to the ranch and helping them to grow their ability with the horses. This is accomplished by teaching them what Christ’s love looks like when it is lived out and in turn the Leaders are growing in their leadership abilities. Activities for the Ranch Leaders include assisting for classes & camps, bible studies each year, team building opportunities and special events and ride nights.

Intro to Horses: This two hour class held is once a week for 8 weeks. Students rotate through riding time and chore time and is a very hands on experince. Learn more and register HERE.

Horsemanship 1 & 2: HEREThis class is for our students who have completed Intro to Horses. The focus in on controlling the horses speed and developing proper seating at each gait. Learn more and register.

More Riding: More Riding is for our most advanced students. It is offered 1-2 times per year. Please check back for options available Fall 2018.

Ranch Camps: The perfect way to give your child a horse experience, or build on experience they already have. For more information, dates and registration visit HERE.

Why We Do It…

In an age of broken, blended and busy households, the ranch community at Dreamhaven seeks to offer what every child and adult desires the most – acceptance and a safe haven to grow and develop.

In addition to our mentoring and riding programs, Dreamhaven Ranch offers a volunteer program for adults and families. Working side-by-side to assist with the chores of caring for animals and tending to the garden and grounds, hearts are mended as kids, families and staff works together in the spirit of community. The rural lifestyle is rewarding and healing.

Volunteers are an essential part of Dream Haven Ranch. Whether your interest is serving on the board of directors, helping with office and administrative duties, youth mentoring, or farm and horse care, we have a place for you in our community. All positions are subject to application and approval by the ranch directors and not all positions have current vacancies. Training is required for some positions. You can let us know what you are interested in by calling us at 208-830- 2705 or send us an email.
Thanks so much for your interest!

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